Add items to shopping cart

You can add items to your cart from several pages on the website - 

1. Catalog Pages
a. Product Listing Page
b. Product Details Page

To add an item to the shopping cart, enter the required quantity and select “Add to Cart” button (1.a). Once added, the mini-cart (1.b) will be displayed with the item added.

2. Quick Order Page

Enter either the Catalog# , Part # or Customer Part # and enter the quantity. Once you have added all the items, select all the items (2.a) and click the “Add to Cart” (2.b) button to add all the items to the shopping cart.


3. From Past Orders

To add items from a previously placed order, go to Orders and select the specific order. From the order details page, select the “Add All Items to Cart” button to add all the items from that order to your shopping cart.

4. From Shopping Lists

To add an item to the shopping list, enter the quantity and select “Add to List” button (4.a). Once added, you can got to Shopping List in your account, select the specific list and then select the “Add All to Cart” button (4.b) to move the items from the shopping list to the cart.

From Shopping Cart to placing an Order

1. Shopping Cart Page
Once you have added all the items to your shopping cart, you can click on the cart icon (1.a), “x items in your cart (View)” (1.b) link or the “View Cart” (1.c) button to open the shopping cart.

On the shopping cart page, you can do the following – 

a. Apply a Promotional Code
            If you have a promo code, type it in the input box below Promotional Code and click on “Apply”. You can apply multiple promo codes as well , which will get                    applied to the products that the promo code is applicable for.

  b. Apply a Quote             If you have a quote number, type it in the input box below Quote Number click on “Save” to apply the quote.

c. Select Warehouse
            By default, the warehouse will be set to the one tied to your account. However, you can check the availability at other warehouses and select a different                          warehouse if required.

d. Select Requested Ship Date 
            By default, the requested ship date will be set the same as the estimated ship date. You can change this date based on your requirement.

e. Add Line Item Notes
            You can add line item notes for each product if required.

After making the required changes, click on the “Checkout” button to proceed to the Checkout page.


2. Checkout Page
    On the checkout page, enter the 

a. Shipping Information


b. Payment Information

c. Review Order

            After you have reviewed all the order information, select “Submit Order” to place the order.

Order Management

1. Viewing Orders
    To view all your past orders, go to the Orders page under “My Account” (1.a).
    To view the details of a specific order, click on that Order Number (1.b) from the list of orders.

2. Searching Orders
“Search by” Types
 You can search for orders using the below attributes

i. Date  (options for entry) 

  Drop down gives options for dates you want to see (2.i.a).  Custom allows for specific dates (2.i.b).
Click on Order number to see details (2.i.c). 


ii. Invoice Number (options for entry) 
   Options are available when entering invoice (2.ii) 

           Click on Order number to view Order details 

iii. Purchase Order Number (options for entry) 
    Options are available when searching by purchase order (2.iii). 

iv. Order Number (option for entry) 
    Options are available when searching by Regal order number (2.iv). 

v. Part Number (option for entry) 
   Options are available when searching by Part Number (2.v).

3. Exporting Orders
    To export the orders that are displayed / filtered based on your selection, click on the “Export to Excel” (3) button to export the orders to a spreadsheet.

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