User Management

This section allows you to manage users for your account. To access it, log into your account and select Users (1) from the left menu:

Add a new user

To add a new user, click on the “Add User” button (1) to open the form.


Proceed to fill out the form (2) , selecting the account role(s), any additional role(s), EDGE roles (if applicable), and the Regal accounts which the user should get access to. Then click ‘Save’ (3).

Manage an existing user

To manage an existing user , click on ‘Edit’ (1) in the row corresponding to the user. 
Make the required changes and click on ‘Apply’. 

To remove access for a user, go to Select Existing Account(s) and uncheck the Active box (2) to make it Inactive. Then click on the Cross Icon (3) and on the Apply button (4) for the changes to be reflected.
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