Pricing and Availability

Pricing for a part is displayed on several part and ordering pages within the Regal eCommerce site. Only applicable prices are displayed, which may include one or more of the following:

  • List price
  • Your Price – The one-piece price for the part based on the account and shipping address displayed at the top of the page.  It does not include quoted pricing or volume discounts.  This price may change, due to volume, once placed in the shopping cart. (available after login based on permissions)
  • Quantity break pricing – Standard and/or OEM quantity break pricing if any are applicable. (available after login based on permissions)
  • Suggested sell prices – The suggested sell price when selling to an OEM or End User customer. (available after login based on permissions)


Pricing and availability information is displayed on the following pages:

  • Product List
  • Product Detail
  • Quick Order
  • Shopping Cart

Visit the Quick Order Page

The Quick Order page is accessible only to authenticated users with appropriate permissions.


1.  Click on the Quick Order icon at the top of the page to display the Quick Order page (1).


2.  Enter a Catalog Number, Part Number, or Customer Part Number. Each line item will display the Unit Price (Your Price) and the Total Price (unit price times the quantity) (2.a.). Click one or more check boxes of parts to be queried and click the Check Inventory button (2.b.) in order to obtain availability information. 


3.  The warehouse availability amount will be displayed below the line item (3).

Search or Browse the Catalog

  Type in a partial part number in the search box or navigate via the main navigation menu using the “Products” menu item. This will result in a number of products being displayed in either a list or grid format.

Note: If an exact match is found for the part number searched, the product detail page for that part will be displayed.

If a product list is displayed, both list and grid formats will show two prices: “Your Price” (with appropriate permissions) and “List Price” (1).


2. Click on the “Check Inventory” (2.a.) link to obtain availability information. A section will display that lists the available inventory in relevant warehouses(2.b.).



3.  Click on a part on a product list page to display the product detail page. On this page, prices displayed are “Your Price” and “List Price” (3.a.). Availability information will be displayed as shown in (3.b.) . Click the “View All” link to view all warehouses.

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