Address Management

Address management for your account is a critical part of making sure that your orders are shipped and invoices are sent to the correct location.

Access Address Book

To access your address book, log into your account and select Address Book (1) from the left menu:

Next, you need to determine if you need to make modifications to an Account Ship-To Address (2) or an Alternate/Drop ship Address (3). 

  • Account Ship-To Address (2): An account ship-to address is one that is stored on your master account with Regal’s accounting and ERP program. These addresses are setup initially when you open an account with Regal and are used for all accounting and contact functions.

  • Alternate/Drop ship Address (3): These are addresses that you can add in at any time within the website in order to send orders to your desired location (i.e. your own storefront, job-site, etc.). These are not stored on your main account file and are only accessible via your website login. 

Add or Change Account Specific Addresses:

To request a new Account Ship-To Address, click on the “Request New Account Address” button (1) to open the form: 

Proceed to fill out the form on the right (2) and click save (3). 

This action will send a request to Regal to add this new address to your master account. Once we receive this request, we will verify the address information and add it to your account. You can check on the status of new account addresses by viewing your main address book and looking for the “clock” icon and/or the word “Pending Address” (4) near your newly created account address.

To change your default Account Address, navigate to your address book and click on the “Make Default” (5) button next to the address.

Once you have pressed the “Make Default” button, you will see a star and the text “Default Shipping Address” (6) next to the active default address. Unless you choose a different Account Address or Alternate/Drop ship Address at checkout, all orders will be shipped to this default address.

Alternate/Drop ship Addresses:

To add an Alternate/Drop ship Address, you can either add it via your address book or during the checkout process.

Add via Address Book:

Add a new Alternate/Drop ship Address via your address book by first clicking on the “Address Book” (1) link from the left menu:

Next, click on “Add Drop Ship” (2) button and fill out the form on the right (3):

Once you click “Submit” (4), your new address will appear under the Alternate/Drop ship Address section of your address book.

Edit Existing Alternate/Drop ship Address:

To edit an existing Alternate/Drop ship Address, first navigate to your Address Book (via the left menu) (5). Locate the address to change and click the “Edit Button” (6). 

Clicking this button will open a screen where you can edit the necessary information (7). 
**NOTE**, editing an address will not update any pending or in-transit orders and will only be used on new orders.

Delete Existing Alternate/Drop ship Address:

To edit an existing Alternate/Drop ship Address, first navigate to your Address Book (via the left menu). Locate the address to change and click the “X” icon (8). This will then delete this address from your available list.  
Add Alternate/Drop ship Address During an Order:

You can also add a new drop ship address during checkout. Once you are ready to checkout, click on the Shopping Cart Icon (9) then click on the Checkout button (10) to begin the process.    
Upon clicking Checkout, you will then be shown the one-page checkout page. To choose an existing or add a new Alternate/Drop ship address, click on “Use Alternate/Drop ship Address” link (11).

A new screen will open on the right. You can then select an existing address or click the Add New Address (12) button to create a new address.

Fill out all of the applicable fields to create your address. Required fields are notated by a *. When complete, click Save (13).

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