Induction Motor Training

Induction motors include shaded pole, permanent split capacitor (PSC), split phase and three phase. These motors are built in fractional horsepower (FHP) ratings for use in residential and light commercial HVAC and integral horsepower (IHP) ratings for use in commercial and industrial applications and capacitors.

Induction motors are the backbone of our industry and will be for years to come. This motor technology is over 100 years old and yet today, technicians still struggle with diagnostics, selecting the correct replacement and installation. A good foundation of induction motor theory is crucial for a successful career in the HVAC industry.

Induction motor training classes include one or more of the following topics:

  • Identify and understand the basic components of induction motors

  • Understand the operation of induction motors

  • Learn how to diagnose and replace induction motors

  • Learn how induction motors work against static pressure and their limitations

  • Learn how to diagnose and solve airflow issues

  • Motor categories covered:

    • FHP

    • Shaded Pole, PSC, Split Phase

    • Evaporator and condensing fan motors

    • Draft motors

    • IHP

    • Three phase

  • Identify and understand the basics of capacitors

  • Learn how to diagnose and replace capacitors

  • Introduction to new technologies

The knowledge gained in this course will help all HVAC professionals gain the confidence and competence needed to adjust the output of induction motors for proper airflow as well as diagnose and service these systems if needed. The biggest advantage of this course is that it comes directly from the largest manufacturer of induction motors used in HVAC, commercial refrigeration and commercial industrial applications for the last 50 years. From theory to practical knowledge, it’s all here.

Induction motor training classes are NATE recognized and all NATE certified technicians will receive a 1-hour credit for each class hour toward recertification in all of the forced air disciplines they are currently certified in.

Click here to find a training class in your area or get started now by downloading our free Training Materials or watching our free Training Videos (see below).

If you like your self training on the go, search for “Dealer Toolbelt” from the app store on your mobile device.


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