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Transfer Conveyors for Screened Material


Transfer conveyors for screened material


Bearing failure, maintenance costs


Transporting "wet fines" via conveyor can present a difficult problem for aggregate producers. Bearings in this service very often come in direct contact with water due to belt run off. Under these circumstances, poorly designed and/or worn bearing seals can lead to premature failures.

A competitor's 22215x2-7/16 pillow block bearings were used on a counterweight pulley located on a transfer conveyor for wet fines. The misalignment and vibration present in this application distorted the housing-mounted seals. This led to premature wear, allowing water ingress that resulted in bearing failure.


Sealmaster® RPB 207-C2 bearings


The RPB 207-C2 is a self-aligning, tapered roller bearing with race-mounted contact seals. Because the seals are integral to the bearing cartridge, they remain in positive contact with the inner ring when the bearing operates within its allowable range of +/- 3° static shaft misalignment.

In this application, the Sealmaster RPB bearings improved production uptime, outlasting the competitor's bearings by a factor of at least three times.