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Transfer Conveyors


Transfer conveyors for "wet fines" material


Bearing failure, maintenance costs


Transporting "wet fines" via conveyor can present a difficult problem for aggregate producers. Bearings in this service very often come in direct contact with water due to belt run off. Under these circumstances, poorly designed and/or worn bearing seals can lead to unanticipated failures.

Over a four-month period, an aggregate production facility replaced three sets of a competitor's 22517 bearings in a single wet fines conveyor application. The bearing failures were attributed to contamination due to water and fines entering past the seals.


Sealmaster® RPB 207-C2 bearing


The average bearing life, prior to replacement with the Sealmaster units, was three weeks. The RPB bearing's contact seal was able to significantly outperform the competition's mechanical seal in the application. The RPB bearing has been on the equipment for five weeks with no indication of problems.