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Sand Conveyors


Aggregate conveyor moving sand from a classifier to a stock pile


Bearing failure, maintenance costs


Due to its small size, abrasiveness and propensity to scatter, sand can be very destructive to processing equipment. A single particle entering a bearing can eventually lead to the complete destruction of the bearing.

The competitor's bearings in this application were used on the screw take-ups on a sand conveyor tail pulley. These Type E 2-15/16 bearings were located at the tail of the conveyor and exposed to wet sand. Making matters worse, the bearings were also subjected to some degree of misalignment. This combination led to poor sealing, eventually resulting in failure of the bearings.


Sealmaster® RPB 215-C2 bearing


The customer has stated that the Sealmaster RPB bearing is performing better than the competition in the misaligned and contaminated application. This was the first time the plant had used a Sealmaster product and is pleased with the results to date.