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Cross-Belt Conveyors


Cross-Belt Conveyors


Maintenance costs


A processing plant recently suffered the failure of a competitor's speed reducer on a cross-belt conveyor application. Due to poor access, the bolts on the inboard bushing were broken off while attempting to remove the failed unit. As a result, maintenance workers were forced to remove the reducer using a cutting torch.


TorqTaper® Plus 307SMTP 25, with stabilizing ring


Plant personnel found that because of the SMTP's single-bushing system and stabilizing ring, overall installation time was reduced by 30 to 45 minutes. They were able to mount the stabilizing ring on the inboard side, nearest to the bearing, and the bushing on the outboard. This removed the need to align bushings to keys, a time saver. Additionally, future access to the reducer was made much easier.

This particular application has been operating with no unplanned stoppages and experienced greatly reduced "wobbling" on the shaft. Plant personnel expect the new reducer to run much longer than the unit it replaced.