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Bulk Handling Conveyors


Traditional shaft-mount drive conveyors


Gearbox failure, maintenance costs


For end users in the aggregate processing industry, equipment uptime is a primary concern. One key to this is keeping lubricants in and contaminants out of critical components such as speed reducers, a difficult proposition in such dirty environments.

Recently, one customer replaced a competitor's drive that had failed on a material handling conveyor application. System downtime was extended due to difficulties in removing the old unit.


TorqTaper® Plus 307SMTP25 and 207SMTP25


The Installation mechanic commented that the SMTP was much easier to install than the competition's two-bushing system. The single-bushing design and ability to mount the bushing on the front side of the reducer minimized installation time and effort. Additionally, the Barrier Seal System helps to keep lubricant in and contaminants out, ensuring reliability of the drive.