Regal’s IP69K Package of Products

Helping Customers Balance Sanitation and Productivity Requirements

Food and beverage plants across the globe are continuing to raise the bar on productivity, while also practicing their stringent Clean In Place (CIP) regimens as part of their corporate and government sanitation guidelines. To meet both of these objectives, maintenance and operations personnel are continuing to push for improved component reliability, to reduce the continual maintenance headaches caused by increased sanitation needs. At Regal, we are focusing on providing durable, corrosion resistant products that prevent downtime so our customers can focus on productivity and safely processing food every day. As one supplier, we can provide our customers third-party IP69K products to meet their CIP standards.

What is IP69K?

IP69K has historically been used for electric motors and is a rating system published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). IP69K certifies parts for water or dry contamination ingress. I-P stands for ingress protection. Six indicates a product as “dust tight” with no dust ingress. 9K indicates the highest-ranking level of water protection.  Recently, the IP69K test has become the only certified test for PT products in our industry.

What does Regal Offer?

Sealmaster® PN Gold Mounted Ball and Spherical Roller Bearings have high performance triple lip seals to protect against contaminant ingress.  With better seals there’s less bearing failure, and with less failure there’s increased uptime and reduced labor costs.

Hub City® Stainless Steel HERA® gear drives are built for sanitary operation with easy cleanability and polished stainless steel housings. HERA gear drives are 90% efficient, HACCP compatible, BISSC certified, and USDA accepted.  In addition, reduce and consolidate storeroom inventory with less SKUs - four HERA sizes cover 11 worm gearbox center distances!

Grove All-Stainless Steel Worm Gear Reducers feature food grade synthetic lubricant with single-reduction ratios up to 100:1. They provide simpler maintenance with motor push off holes to allow for easier motor removal, and less leaks with longer overall life due to use of FKM double-lip seals and O-ring housing seals.


LEESON® Extreme Duck® Ultra Motor from the Washguard® motor line are stainless steel encapsulated, with Q-Car rotor cartridge for quick access to the motor interior, extra high breakdown torque, and more features ideal for feather picking and other wet applications.

For more information on our IP69K Certified package of products, Visit the page.



For more information, listen to the accompanying Podcast:

Reach Productivity Goals with IP69K Certified Bearings

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