Bearing Mobile PT App

Coming soon... NEW Regal PT Mobile App!

Coming soon, we will be Introducing the Regal PT Mobile App - bringing you closer than ever before to the assets you manage! The new PT mobile app allows you to register your Sealmaster®, McGill®, Browning® and Rollway® bearing products to gain an additional 12 months on our standard product warranty by simply scanning the barcode on the bearing product box* within the app!! Once bearings have been scanned, you are required to input installation date, manufacturing date from box label, address of the plant where the bearing is installed! Once registered, you have the ability to schedule maintenance reminders and access product specific information right in the palm of your hand – giving you a simple asset management tool from Regal that is also available via desktop version.

In addition to registering your bearing for an extended warranty and schedule maintenance reminders, the app also includes a smart interchange module that provides you access to competitive interchange information. Other modules include an ROI Calculator, conversion tools, engineering and customer service contact information, online resources and information on new Regal branded products.

When bearings need to be installed or need troubleshooting attention, you can go straight to the PT Mobile App for exclusive installation instructions, installation videos and troubleshooting guides. This enables maintenance personnel to perform their job right on the spot without having to search through paper catalogs or various internet resources for critical maintenance information.

With the launch of the Regal PT Mobile App, we are giving you an indispensable asset management tool to help your productivity reach maximum potential!

To learn more, visit

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Benefits of the Mobile App:

  • Extended product warranty.
  • Instant access part specifications to Sealmaster, McGill, Browning and Rollway bearings.
  • Manage bearing assets across your plant(s) in the palm of your hand.
  • Interchange from competitive products.
  • Immediately contact engineering support via phone or email.
  • Export and share ROI calculations, maintenance details via email.
  • Installation & maintenance and troubleshooting guides and right on the spot.
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