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Welcome to Community News! Here you’ll find timely information on the initiatives we’re implementing to help you be successful. In this Spring issue, we continue with Part II of our spotlight on New Products that Make it Easy and an article on  Innovation with Purpose at Regal Power Transmission Solutions. We are also featuring our new Perceptiv™ Tag-It Program, which is designed to help customers streamline MRO inventory and install replacement parts faster.


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Innovation with Purpose

- March, 2021 | Vol. 7

Progressive. Innovative. Transformative. Change is certain and we embrace it. In fact, continuous Improvement is part of our Regal DNA. But, we don’t do it in a vacuum. We listen to our customers, partners and associates and then we innovate with purpose. Learn more…

New Products
That Make it Easy - Part II

- March, 2021 | Vol. 7

Whether your focus is on sanitation for a food plant or offering an automated sortation solution for a large distribution warehouse, Regal is developing new products to meet your tough challenges head on. Learn about the new Modsort® Trident for 3-way sortation and the new sizes for the Stainless Steel HERA gear drive. Find out more now!

MRO is Easier When You Know What’s There…

-March, 2021 | Vol. 7

…And what it’s doing. Lack of resources and manpower are challenges for many. Our new Tag-It Program offers an innovative end-to-end solution, which brings together hardware, software and ‘humanware’ to become an efficient extension of your maintenance and procurement teams. Learn more…

Your Feedback Fuels Innovation

-December, 2020 | Vol. 6

With all the flux this year, we debated whether we should conduct our annual survey. But given all the change caused by the pandemic, we felt it would be a miss if we didn’t. We believe the survey enables us to gather your insights and learn how we can best help you during this time. Learn More...



New Products
that Make it Easy - Part 1

-December, 2020 | Vol. 6

Looking for ways to help your team reduce maintenance and keep production running? The new Browning TorqTitan™ notched belt and the new USRB™ PN Gold™ mounted spherical roller bearing are designed to help you with both. Learn about these new solutions designed to make it easy for you.

Visit our Virtual PackExpo Demos

-December, 2020 | Vol. 6

This year’s PackExpo was virtual. We conducted three demos which are now available to view, including; Balancing Sanitation and Productivity Requirements, The New Mobile System Plast® Trident Three Way Divert Conveyor System and Modular Transfer and Sortation for eCommerce. Watch now



Making it Easy with Digital Tools & Services

-July 2020 | Vol. 5

When it comes to digital enhancements, we’ve got you covered. Recently, we improved your experience to make it easy to transact, specify products, and find what you need, when you need it, using Regal applications. We merged three PTS websites into, to save you time and provide you a first class, mobile-friendly experience. Listen to the podcast on our new website updates to learn more about these great new features. Learn more....

IP69K Package of Products Help Customers Balance Sanitation and Productivity Requirements

-July 2020 | Vol. 5

Food and beverage plants across the globe are continuing to raise the bar on productivity, while also practicing their stringent Clean In Place (CIP) regimens as part of their corporate and government sanitation guidelines. Learn more...

Real World Solutions

-July 2020 | Vol. 5

Regal Power Transmission Solutions is thrilled to introduce our new video series “Real World Solutions”. These are quick, yet powerful videos containing real applications with real problems that have been solved and provided a cost savings or revenue enhancement. Learn more...

Making it Easy For You

- April 2020 | Vol. 4

Helping you succeed in your business is a top priority at Regal Power Transmission Solutions. Based on your feedback, we are focused on simplifying processes, enhancing tools, and providing high quality, innovative products supported by our knowledgeable and experienced Power Transmission Solutions team. We want it to be easy for you to understand and find information, easy to transact with us and easy to use and interact with our products. Learn more about the actions PTS is taking to make it easy for you!


Quarry Prevents Downtime Due to Storms with 24/7 Web-Monitoring Tool

- April 2020 | Vol. 4

On cold rainy nights, most of us are on the couch with popcorn and a good movie. But for many quarry operators, the uncertainty of whether or not the dewatering pump systems are working correctly can fuel anxiety. To mitigate the risks of equipment failure and costly downtime, it’s necessary to perform manual inspections of dewatering basins in the rain at all hours, leading to sleepless nights. The risk mitigation planning team at IMI Aggregates, a division of Irving Materials, found a better way to oversee and prevent potential issues from happening to their operations using a Regal PTS Perceptiv Technologies 24/7 monitoring solution. See how remote monitoring brings peace of mind!


Regal PT Mobile App Live in App Store NOW!

- April 2020 | Vol. 4

We are pleased to announce that the Regal® PT Mobile App is now LIVE in the App Store. Initially rolling out on iOS devices, the Regal PT mobile app features a registration module to allow you to register (User registration required) bearings and receive a 12-month extension of our standard limited warranty. Once registered, you can utilize the app to schedule maintenance and enjoy an easy-to-use, low-cost asset management tool that is conveniently located in the palm of your hand! Find out more about this exciting new app to help you stay productive!


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