Load Banks are used to test generator sets and uninterruptable power supplies to ensure systems are operating at optimal levels. Load Banks are designed to apply load without interrupting building or facility operation. A primary reason for testing with load banks is to carry out preventative maintenance necessary to avoid damage or future breakdowns. Load Banks can help confirm current system conditions and determine component working life.


Testing services should be carried out by an accredited service company on a regular basis or as required by equipment manufactures. In some jurisdictions testing may be required by code as is the case with Health Care facilities.


Load Bank Testing for generators can confirm critical operating parameters including:

  • The ability of the engine to provide the power required
  • The capability of the alternator to provide the required voltage stability
  • The efficiency of control systems under different conditions the load
  • Stable frequency
  • Oil and Fuel pressure


In addition to facilitating the above generator set observations, applying load with a load bank will help in removal of deposits from pistons, engine castings and exhausts systems that can adversely affect engine generator performance and longevity.


All Thomson Load Banks utilize Dual Pass, Cool Load resistor design that lowers operating temperature and provides extended load bank life.


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