Chain and Sprockets

Regal offers a full range of pre-stressed roller chain. This includes standard and heavy series, single and multiple strands, and custom conveyor chain with a variety of attachments. We also offer specialty chain, namely HV (high velocity) and SC (silent chain), plus a full complement of accessories.

Regal offers a line of accessories that help reduce time in the shop and field when installing or disconnecting roller chain.

HV chain is ideal for compact applications where heavy loads (50 to 6000 horsepower) are to be transmitted at moderate to high speeds. HV features a pin and rocker joint which reduces friction and provides pitch elongation through its rolling action. This results in a reduction of chordal action and a significant increase in horsepower capacity.
Regal Beloit, mechanical power transmission, chain, sprocket, inverted tooth drive. The exclusive rocker joint eliminates friction during chain articulation permitting high rotative speed with less wear and heat.

Lift applications demand the frequent transmission of high lifting power at relatively low speeds. Leaf chains are subjected to constant flexure and frequent shock loads. These demands to which leaf chains are subjected require a tension linkage with maximum resistance to fatigue and wear.

Roller chain is manufactured to precision standards utilizing world-class technology. The designed-in, built-in quality and manufacturing methods produce chains with high horsepower ratings.


Roller chain shaft ready sprockets are available to help solve all your application needs. Regal® offers hardened sprockets that last longer than unhardened ones. The result is increased chain life and reduced downtime.

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