Coupling products from Kop-Flex®, Jaure® & Browning® brands range from gear, grid, jaw, elastomer, disc, universal joints as well as almost every conceivable engineered or made-to-order coupling you require. Regal® not only offers the most extensive breadth of product available in the industry, but we are also to custom-design and engineer for specific applications. Additionally, we are able to troubleshoot problematic applications by applying the skill and expertise of one of the largest engineering staffs in the industry.

Specialized motors for hazardous environments where fire or explosive agents are present. These explosion proof motors meet varying electrical codes including UL Division I or Division II.

Kop-Flex® and Jaure®  products offer the widest range of gear couplings, with no limit in sizes. Available with multiple different seal features and lubrication capacities. Available with alloy and nitride gearing to increase strength and extend wear.

Jaure® barrel couplings consist of a sleeve and a hub having the same tooth profiles. A series of hardened steel cylindrical barrels are inserted in the holes formed by the hub and sleeve teeth to act as power transmission elements. Primarily used in crane and hoist applications.

Kop-Flex® Grid coupling consist of two flanged hubs with slots or grooves in the flanges connected by a serpentine mechanical flexible element. It functions as a resilient coupling dampening torsional vibration and shock load.

Browning® non-flexible rigid couplings are used to join two shafts within a motor or mechanical system or to connect two separate systems. A rigid coupling may also be added between shafts to reduce shock and wear at the point where the shafts meet.

Browning® jaw couplings accommodate inherent offset and angular misalignment between the connected shafts. They handle most axial displacement caused by thermal growth and accommodate small machine movements caused by foundation settling or pipe stresses.

Kop-Flex® and Morse® Elastomeric couplings use a flexible element to compensate for high angular misalignment and dampen torsional vibrations. Many models also feature a no lubrication schedule and provide virtually maintenance-free operation. 

Morse® chain couplings are a rugged, lightweight economical method for connecting two shafts. They consist of two sprockets connected by a length of standard double roller chain, permitting easy installation, alignment and maintenance.

Components and accessories include hubs, sleeves, fastener sets, disc packs,  grease, inserts, plates, seals, spacers, bushings, high torque nuts and more.

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