Guide Products

Our bead or roller guides and combiners provide excellent problem solutions. Used for areas on a conveying line where products tend to crowd together or jam. Side guide brackets in thermoplastic and stainless steel materials help guide products through the conveying process.

Our ValuGuide® rail incorporates two outstanding materials: stainless steel and UHMW. The 14 gauge stainless steel sheath provides rigid streamlined support. This is suitable for heavy loads at any speed, plus a solid connecting point for holding the rail in place with clamps and brackets.

The UHMW guiding surface is available in a wide selection of shapes. The very low friction characteristics of UHMW allow containers to move at high speed. This is done with a minimum of drag, container damage, and noise. Many Valu Guide materials are approved by the FDA and accepted for use in USDA inspected facilities.

Our profiles are made in a long die with different temperature zones. The Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is compressed at a high pressure in the die but also allows the material time to relax and stabilize through the different temperature zones. This results in less material creepage, tighter dimensional tolerances and extended wear life. The resulting friction and sliding properties are also improved.

Combination profiles are similar to our standard ultra high molecular weight (UMHW) plastic profiles with the added structure support of extruded aluminum to help increase longevity and maximum load handling.

Bead Guides and Combiners provide excellent problem solutions. They are used in areas on a conveying line where containers have trouble moving smoothly. These areas cause products to crown together or jam. The dense patterns of free moving beads or rollers create a durable low friction guiding surface. The free rolling action does not allow the product to create any friction points or bridges, which can cause unwanted shutdowns.

Our low friction bead guides include light to heavy duty options. Each is available in a wide selection of heights and lengths. Custom curved sections that are bent by the factory are also available. Other light weight variants can be bent to fit by the customer on site.

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