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The proper selection and application of products and components offered by Regal Beloit America, Inc. and/or its affiliates (“Regal”), including properly evaluating and addressing product safety considerations related to selection and the application, is the responsibility of the customer. Operating and performance requirements to be met by products and components vary appreciably, depending upon the intended use and application of such products and components. The scope of the technical and application-related information included in this publication is necessarily limited. Operating environments and conditions, including but not limited to the environments and conditions inherent in the equipment into which the products and components may be incorporated or with which they may be combined, and other factors, materially affect the performance of the products and components. Customer should review and understand the full range of potential operating environments and conditions affecting the application (the “Application Considerations”), and take them into consideration in determining the requirements to be met by such products and components in the application. Regal provides to customer anytechnical advice with respect to the use of products and components in good faith and without charge.  Regal assumes no obligation or liability for the advice it givesto customer, or results obtained by customer.  Customer accepts all such advice at customer’s risk.

All customer purchases from Regal of products and components are subject to the current version of the Regal Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, which are posted and available for viewing here.
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