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The Genteq® brand has earned a reputation as an industry leader of ECM and axial flux motors for over 30 years. These integrated motor/drives are used in the air moving as well as the residential and commercial HVAC industries, providing unmatched performance. If an application requires high efficiency, variable speed, and low noise, a Genteq® motor could be the right solution for your air conditioning, heating, heat pumps, or air handling units.


Genteq® branded motors are applied in a myriad of applications and in a variety of industries.  You can find interesting solutions and innovations by clicking on the links below.   


Marathon is further able to meet the varying demands of a very broad base of industries and their solutions - emergency power systems for hospitals, heavy industry power, oil and gas, utility applications, marine, chemical processing, food and beverage, refrigeration, transportation, construction, and on and on. You name the industry, and Marathon is likely a part of it offering products that convert power into motion.


Innovation doesn't just happen; it is output of the culture we have created and the people we employ. Our goal is not to simply create innovative products; it is to create an atmosphere that fosters a hunger for learning and a shared commitment to improving quality and making problem solving a way of life.