At Regal, we foster a culture of comprehensive responsibility. The ways we do business, the people we employ, the environment around us, and the communities in which we live and work all play important roles in how we behave as a company. In practice, this means constantly evaluating our actions through the triple bottom line perspective of People, Planet and Profit. Doing so challenges us to develop long-term strategies for sustained growth and value.

Breakthrough Motor Design Concept Changes the Game for HVAC Manufacturers

With UlteMAX™ Axial IHP motors, manufacturers have a completely new way to look at the design of their HVAC and other thermal air-moving systems. Across the board — in size, weight, configurability, software controls, simplified installation and versatile motor performance

Freedom of Movement: The Modular Roller Top Transfer and Diverting Station

The modular roller top belt was designed to solve a range of increasingly challenging transfer and diverting problems complicating operations in distribution centers, particularly retail e-commerce distribution.

Making the Grade with HVAC System Upgrade

Thousands of U.S. schools have figured out ways to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements, demonstrating that smart energy choices can have lasting benefits for their students, their communities and the environment.

Motor Programming Made Easy

The Genteq® Brand revolutionized the motor industry with the OEM ECM in 1987, the retrofit ECM in 2007, and now the wireless field programmer for retrofit indoor ECM blower motors.

Simulation-Based Noise Estimation for Cooling Fan Designs

Regal needed to develop a simulation-based method of estimating noise levels for their electric motors due to changes in cooling fan design. Previously, physical testing was used to predict the noise levels.

The Development of the Axial Integral Horsepower Motor

For equipment manufacturers, it offers a completely new path and platform for innovation and performance with game-changing implications for the commercial air handling equipment industry in terms of motor size, weight, design, intelligence and functionality across a range of power ratings.

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  • Regal® Mobile App Receives AHR Expo Innovation Award

    The Toolbox Technician app-based toolset is free for HVAC contractors and maintenance professionals, featuring calculation and conversion tools and installation and troubleshooting guides. Regal recently added a motor efficiency calculator, which allows users to identify efficiency differences between different generations of integral horsepower electric motors.

  • Coupling Maintenance Strategies for Critical Equipment

    Disc and diaphragm couplings are not a “wear item” like the seals in a turbine or compressor, which can cause a decrease in equipment performance and are typically replaced on a time-based schedule.

  • Regal Debuts Next Generation of Mission-Critical DATAMAX™ Generators

    The new DATAMAX™ generators offer an unprecedented warranty: five-year, 2,000-hour coverage. The generators utilize single-piece laminations and a wet layer winding process, with form coil main stator options available across the entire offering, to deliver a highly reliable product.

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