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  • Regal® Mobile App Receives AHR Expo Innovation Award

    The Toolbox Technician app-based toolset is free for HVAC contractors and maintenance professionals, featuring calculation and conversion tools and installation and troubleshooting guides. Regal recently added a motor efficiency calculator, which allows users to identify efficiency differences between different generations of integral horsepower electric motors.

  • Coupling Maintenance Strategies for Critical Equipment

    Disc and diaphragm couplings are not a “wear item” like the seals in a turbine or compressor, which can cause a decrease in equipment performance and are typically replaced on a time-based schedule.

  • Regal Debuts Next Generation of Mission-Critical DATAMAX™ Generators

    The new DATAMAX™ generators offer an unprecedented warranty: five-year, 2,000-hour coverage. The generators utilize single-piece laminations and a wet layer winding process, with form coil main stator options available across the entire offering, to deliver a highly reliable product.

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