Perceptiv™ Aluminum Mill Solution

A large North American mill was suffering coupling failure on one of their hot rolling reversing aluminum mills every 5 to 7 months due to premature wear on the coupling gear teeth. The wear on the gear teeth was caused by a coupling retaining ring that would crack. This results in an increased stress on the grease seals compromising the sealing effectiveness allowing the grease to expel from the coupling cavity causing premature failure. In extreme cases, the entire coupling would catastrophically fail during production. Each coupling failure would cost $150,000 to replace the coupling and 8 hours of downtime for change out.

Perceptiv™ Solution

Our Perceptiv team placed monitoring sensors on the top and bottom spindles of the rolling mill. These sensors monitor peak and rolling torque, TAF (torque amplification factor) and TNF (torsional natural frequency) of the coupling. Our Perceptiv team of industry experts set up system algorithms to send automatic alerts to the plant based on the transient events in real time. In addition to the automatic alerts, our team analyzed the TAF and TNF data to update the plant to provide proactive maintenance recommendations on a weekly basis.


Hot rolling reversing aluminum mills



Solution Type

Reactive to Proactive Maintenance, Cost Savings, Increase in Uptime


The Benefits Seen By The Mill

By placing the monitors on the rolling mill, our team was able to predict and recommend proactive maintenance as needed. Instead of having to replace an entire coupling at the cost of $150,000, the mill was able to have the coupling repaired by our Kop-Flex Services recertification team at a cost of $30,000 – not including downtime and labor. This saved the mill $120,000 annually for one coupling. The mill is looking to place the Perceptiv solution on the 7 remaining couplings in the hot mill.


Engineering Solutions For Mechanical Power Transmission Products



Tools and techniques used to measure the performance of a customer’s application (determine the root cause of performance problems, measure the effects of product changes, establish a product / application base and confirm expected product performance

  • Troubleshooting
  • Validation before and after performance measurements
  • Asset Management Program
  • R&D / Testing


Technical mechanical power transmission product, process and application training for customers

  • eLearning training curriculum
  • Customer location training sessions
  • Off-site training sessions
  • Factory based training sessions


Assist customers in reviewing application needs and help select the appropriate products

  • Product selection assistance
  • Product licensing
  • Custom product design
  • Certified layouts
  • BOM: Complete list of required products and accessories


Installation and startup of mechanical power transmission products

  • Can provide a project manager, general contractor or consultant for the installation as well as additional labor


Experts will teach customers how to use or install monitoring equipment to measure the health of products. Helps the customer transition from reactive maintenance to a predictive maintenance program

  • Electrical power consumption monitoring
  • Mechanical torque / power monitoring
  • Thermal imaging monitoring
  • Ultrasonic measurement monitoring


Repair, rebuild or refurbish damaged or worn power transmission products

  • Repaired / refurbished products come with a factory warranty at a fraction of the price of a new product



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