Solution Stories with Perceptiv™ Intelligence

IMI Quarry Prevents Downtime Due to Storms

Irving Materials, Inc. is a building materials supplier that operates in the Midwest and southern United States. IMI Aggregates, a division of the company, provides crushed stone, sand and gravel from their many Indiana locations. One of their sites has several dewatering basins on-premises designed to capture rain, ground or seepage water. These are located in remote areas of the quarry and help keep water away from the production pits.

Basic Troubleshooting of Common Rotating Equipment

Technology has brought us many fantastic monitoring and troubleshooting tools such as vibration measurement, ultrasonic testing, power quality measurement, oil sampling, torque monitoring using strain gage technology, thermal imaging cameras, laser alignment equipment et. al. 

Wireless Technologies – A Practical Use Guide

The market for wireless technologies has exceeded $1B annually and is expected to grow as global competition in manufacturing pushes facilities to ensure that their operation is performing at optimal levels and at the lowest total cost of ownership.  

Advanced Technologies and Financial Benefits

A focus on monitoring critical asset health provides the basis to decrease life cycle costs of assets. The objective is to use reliability centered maintenance (RCM) methodologies to not only find the defects, but to eliminate as many defects as possible. A dynamic defect elimination program will analyze the failures and attempt to eliminate the defects. 

Perceptiv HVAC Diagnostics Solution

The Regal HVAC industry specialist and application engineering used Perceptiv to provide a two-step solution. First, an HVAC unit was selected as a test unit and the existing belt was analyzed. Application Engineering selected an “optimized” drive using notched v-belts. This allowed for a reduction in the number of belts required for the drive.

Preventive and Predictive Methods for Torsional Vibration

Torsional vibration describes the angular movement of a shaft(s) in a drivetrain, which is superimposed on the steady-state rotational movement of a rotating or reciprocating machine1 . More simply, torsional vibration refers to the angular or ‘twisting’ movement of the rotating shafts that connect the various pieces of equipment in a drivetrain. 

Balance of Plant CBM

Low cost wireless systems are easy to deploy and capable of covering a large variety of equipment types. Vibration and temperature are most common parameters measured.

Kiln ID Fan Torsional Vibration

  • Facility experienced (2) catastrophic failures of motor-driven ID fan, losses of $100k /day

  • Occurred after facility replaced fluid drive with VFD

  • Diagnostics performed to identify and correct harmful torsional vibrations

  • Strain gage telemetry system to measure transient torques

  • Bearing Vibration Rotational speed

Perceptiv™ Aluminum Mill Solution

A large North American mill was suffering coupling failure on one of their hot rolling reversing aluminum mills every 5 to 7 months due to premature wear on the coupling gear teeth. The wear on the gear teeth was caused by a coupling retaining ring that would crack. 

Perceptiv™ Service Alerts Help Reduce Mill Torque Spikes

Regal® associates installed Kop-Flex® torque monitoring equipment on Roughing Mill 1 and Roughing Mill 5 to monitor live torque as the mill operates. The collected data reflects transient (occurring very fast) torque spikes during production.

Bottle Line Productivity Increased With Guiderail Changeover

Regal offered a unique technical solution with complete turnkey installation services that met the customer’s available scheduled maintenance period. The solution consisted of System Plast SpeedSet™ brackets and Valu Guide® side rails with installation by Regal’s Perceptiv team.

A new and virtual reality for maintenance

The widespread adoption of predictive maintenance (PdM) technologies is a testament to the early adopters who pioneered their use in industrial applications. These technologies transformed the way we think about maintenance by providing the ability to ascertain the health of an asset without interfering with its operation.

Perceptiv™ Solutions For the Aggregate Industry

Regal team members installed a state-of-the-art Perceptiv™ monitoring system on the shaker screen. The monitoring system detected changes in the operation, reliability and performance of the equipment. This information helped the quarry operations team schedule a shutdown to clear the blocked screen and address other problems.

Improving Coupling Reliability

Kop-Flex has been recertifying couplings for over 15 years and services more than 150 couplings per year. The team does a full teardown and inspection of each component. They replace components as needed with new parts made to the original drawings and design standards. Recertification restores couplings to a like-new condition for about half the cost of a replacement.

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