Perceptiv™ Diagnostic Services

Onsite & Remote Diagnostic Services

Perceptiv™ uses a secure cloud-based technology to track, report, communicate and share performance data to help you maximize your uptime and eliminate unplanned equipment outages. Leveraging advanced technologies to measure vibration, strain, temperature, power, current-voltage, etc., to determine existing state and measure the effects of changes in products or processes.

Examples include:

Torque  Monitoring


Torque Monitoring


Torsional forces on spindle drivelines can play havoc on the entire rolling mill process effecting the output quality of the product

Monitoring these torsional forces can provide information such as:


  • Roll bite and mill draft
  • Equipment performance such as slippage events and stalls in the roll stand
  • Maintenance scheduling


Vibration Monitoring 


Vibration Monitoring


Vibration monitoring is a proven and very useful monitoring and diagnostic tool that should be in every mills tool box to better understand and see the immediate and long term performance of mill equipment


Vibration can identify and see performance and potential fault situations in:


  • Mechanical motor signatures
  • Gear load conditions and faults
  • Bearing loads, lubrication and fault conditions
  • Shock energy throughout the entire driveline



Motor Current Signatures


Motor Current Signatures

MCSA (motor current signal analysis) signatures in conjunction with the Torque and Vibration monitoring will provide you a complete picture of all asset conditions in real time and over time in the trend cycle


Monitoring the electrical signals generated from the drive motor can identify the energy used, loading condition and incipient faults as they are developing. More specifically:


  • Voltage and Current imbalances and how they affect the load
  • Applied Torque and Horsepower to view potential overloading
  • Mechanical and equipment faults in bearings, gearboxes and spindles
  • (usually earlier than other technologies)



Detailed Reports And Analysis


Detailed Report


  • Easy to understand
  • Equipment performance or health
  • Formatted specifically to your company or preferred brand
  • Equipment condition summary
  • Detailed and annotated charts
  • Video conferencing & on-site reviews/consultations available

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