Quarry De-watering Solution

Quarry De-Watering Pump Monitoring

24/7 | Asset Protection

Your business expects more from you. How have you mitigated the risks of downtime at your facility?

The new Perceptiv de-watering pump monitoring system provides peace of mind around the clock and especially during times of inclement weather when you need to be sure your pump systems are operating.

With remote access and alerting, you will never need to guess whether or not your critical assets are safe from flooding.

“…we’re gaining production and experiencing less downtime…”
– Quarry Site Manager
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Web-Based Data Visualization | On-Premise Or Cloud           Platform

Quarry De-Watering Pump Monitoring - See The Future, Change The Future

System Design Features

  • Remote phone/tablet access
  • Rugged/outdoor Use
  • Secure
  • Safe
  • Expandable to additional predictive maintenance technologies, including motor current analysis, vibration, temperature, or any measurable parameter
  • Simple installation, testing and commissioning performed by Regal technicians

In addition to operational status, our de-watering pump monitoring system provides real-time monitoring, trending, and alerts for the following parameters:

  • Operational state (running or not)
  • Incoming power state and/or phase loss
  • Water levels (float sensors to be installed by customer)
  • Control power state or status
  • Back-up battery state or status
  • Remote communication state or status
  • Customized email or text notifications


Available Perceptiv Services



Determine root cause and measure the effects of product and/or process changes.



Assist customers in reviewing application needs, selecting products, and providing certified layouts and bills of material.



Provide installation and commissioning of Regal® products.



Using proprietary algorithms, we monitor the performance – reliability – operations of customer equipment to improve total cost of ownership.



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