Online Tools

Looking for something? Use our interactive drawings, diagrams and comparison tools to specify, source and repair. Now you can see and explore Regal products like you’ve never seen them before. That’s the power of Perceptiv intelligence.


Product Cross Reference

Take the guesswork out of sourcing a replacement part. Our Product Cross Reference Tool searches across our own products and other manufacturer parts. If it's one of our parts, and it is still available for sale, we will provide a link to more product detail, help you locate a distributor, and show possible substitute options if available. If we no longer manufacture the part or it is produced by another manufacturer, we will show you replacement options.

Additionally, our tool will provide a comparison of attributes for the recommended replacement parts, making it easier for you to identify the best option. When possible, we will also include the attributes of the part you searched.

If you are unable to locate a substitute for the part you are seeking to replace, don't hesitate to complete the convenient contact form to inquire about options. Our team will review your request and do our best to identify possible options for you.

Our apps give you access to detailed product information, competitor comparisons, troubleshooting and more – right at your fingertips, while you’re still in the field.

Register your bearing for an additional 12 months protection on top of standard warranty. You can also download our Regal PT Mobile App to manage your registered bearing assets, compare to competitor’s products, find troubleshooting tools and contact engineering support.

Use our calculators to determine the efficiency and cost savings of Regal products.

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