Interactive Product Content

Looking for something? Use our interactive drawings, diagrams and comparison tools to specify, source and repair. Now you can see and explore Regal products like you’ve never seen them before. That’s the power of Perceptiv intelligence.


Online Product Catalog & Search

Our catalog makes it easy to search by part number or browse the full product lineup by key attributes. No matter what the application, we’ll help you find exactly what you need.



Product Comparison

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’ve found the right product – but it always helps to compare. We make it easy to view multiple items at once, so you can size up the options and make the perfect selection.

Spin 360 Photos

Before you buy, view it from all sides! Our catalog includes high-quality, 360° images to help you source and spec exactly what you need.

3D/2D CAD with Measurement

Our 3D/2D product drawings include measurements and are compatible with the most common file formats – so you can easily download files and transfer them to your design software.

Most of our mounted bearings and bearing boxes include a QR Code. Scan it in the field and find the product information here – quickly easily and in one place. You can register your products, discover additional installation and support documents, and find detailed specifications, images, and 3D CAD files in our product catalog. You can also download our Regal Bearings Mobile App to manage your bearing assets more efficiently. 


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