Already using Perceptiv intelligence?

At Regal, we’re always looking ahead.  Now, we have the technology to look even further.  Meet PerceptivTM intelligence.  Perceptiv intelligence is an interconnected matrix of smart, digital solutions that have the potential to empower and elevate everything in the Regal universe.


Perceptiv intelligence uses cloud-based technology to track, report, communicate and share performance data.  It brings together products, services and solutions to create a continuum for optimization and greater efficiency. It streamlines billing, e-commerce and ordering.  It gives customers unprecedented access to engineering and design information. And it provides on-site and off-site educational, training, installation, repair and support services.


Day after day, in thousands of ways, Perceptiv intelligence provides a seamless customer experience and a path for continuous improvement. From billing, buying and ordering, to diagnostics, product performance and real-time remote monitoring to support preventive maintenance – Perceptiv intelligence lets you see it all and do more than you ever thought possible.


Perceptiv intelligence is a new way of using and interacting with your Regal products.  It’s hardware, software and “humanware” – all working together in perfect harmony.

Connected Products

These are the enabled components and products that bring Perceptiv™ services to life. From monitoring systems and motors, to sensors to QR tags – our hardware keeps you connected to the cloud to maximize benefits of your preventive maintenance activities.

Connected Services

When you can see it all, you can predict the future. From diagnostic services to easily accessible dashboards, Perceptiv connects you to the Regal’s real-time asset monitoring and solutions.

Interactive Product Content

Use our library of interactive images, CAD, and comparison tools to spec, source and repair for your equipment. With Perceptiv intelligence, you’ll see Regal products like you’ve never seen them before.

Online Tools

Designing a Regal product into your application? Perceptiv intelligence has the answer. Browse our online tools for selection programs, calculators, mobile apps, registration modules and more.


No matter what you need, Perceptiv intelligence puts it all in one place 24/7. Log in to buy directly or through connected systems anytime from anywhere.

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