Software Updates

Software updates are available for various controllers.  
If you have any questions on whether you should update your controller software, please contact our service department.


Telephone: 1-888-888-0110


TSC 900 Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade the TSC 900 SCU to Firmware Version 3.0 and the GHC to Firmware Version 1059.

Download the files below to a USB memory stick. Firmware will then be available to upgrade your TSC 900 controller at site, if there is internet access. First step is to double check your current Firmware version and choose the correct upgrade instructions and documents.

Before downloading firmware: If the green light on SCU is blinking rapidly or GHC touchscreen display is blank, do not perform the upgrade prior to contacting Thomson service. Please call Thomson service, 604-888-0110 for assistance from a service technician. If you have any questions please feel free to call our service line at 604-888-0110.


Current Firmware Version Identification

Firmware Product Change Announcement

Firmware Upgrade Instructions from SCU 621_902 and GHC 1.x

Firmware Upgrade Instructions from 1025 and GHC 2.0 and newer

TSC900 Firmware Files - GHC & SCU

TSC900 Firmware Upgrade Video GHC Touchscreen

TSC900 Firmware Upgrade Video SCU Controller

THS 900 Communication Software

The THS 900 communication software provides a graphical interface enabling remote monitoring and control of Automatic Transfer Switches and Engine Controls via MPC gateways.


THS 900 Software

PGC 4000 Software

For PGC 4000 software updates, please contact Thomson Power Systems

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