Data Center

“...few data centers match the SuperNAP7 design prowess and resulting reliability, scalability, and security...”


“Even bigger innovation... relate to the way electricity is guaranteed. Each bank of servers has three separate power offer ‘Tri-redundant’ capability...”


“What if the power from the utility grid is interrupted? SuperNAP7 diesel generators can generate 140 megawatts of power.”


“With 407,000 sq feet of space, its own 250 MVA substation, 140 MW of generator capacity, 30 cooling towers, enough cooling for 1500 watts per square foot density, more than 7,000 cabinets...”

Project Details

  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Capacity: 140 MW @15kV

  • 15 kV Parallel Generation Multiple Unit Sync, LV Distribution

  • Powering SuperNAP since 2007r

Series 2400 Paralleling Switchgear and Series 2200 Unit Substation and Distribution Switchgear

  • 140 MW @ 15kV

  • 15 kV Service Entrance Substations and Paralleling Switchgear

  • 480V Distribution Switchgear

Project Partners

  • Owner: SuperNAP

  • Engine Generators: MTU Onsite Energy



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