System Plast<sup>&reg;</sup> Wear Strips

A bakery facility produces 24,000 hamburger buns per hour, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. A spiral conveyor is used to cool the buns for 20 minutes after the oven process. The size of the spiral and the continuous load on the chain made the chain and the wear strip combination crucial. Standard UHMW-PE wear strips made the chain pulsate and required lubrication at several points. The chain pull had to be continuously monitored and alarm protected.

System Plast® Product Solution

The UHMW-PE bar cap underneath the chain was replaced by a System Plast brand Nolu-S wear strip. The low coefficient of friction from its lubricated material significantly reduced drag between the belt and wear strip.



Spiral conveyor cooling hamburger buns.

Solution Type

Improved production efficiency and increased wear life.

Key Customer need(s) and Benefits from System Plast Products

After the retrofit, the monitoring system showed a significant reduction in the chain pull. The chain pulsation was also reduced, improving product handling and increasing the wear life of the chain. The chain is now running more smoothly and is more efficient.



Product: Hamburger buns

Capacity: 24,000 (prod/hr)

Line position: Cooling spiral

Temperature: 86°F

Weight: 3.5 (oz./pc)

Speed: 16.4 (ft/min)

Size: Ø 4” x 2” 

Lubrication: No lubrication

Special Conditions: Warm buns. Low maintenance and upkeep required. 

Nolu®-S Wear Strips And Guides

Regal offers a full range of System Plast® Nolu-S wear strips and guides that are made with a blend of UHMW and other dry lubricants. These maintain excellent wear characteristics while significantly reducing coefficients of friction. Its unique self-lubricating properties make it ideal for applications requiring reduced friction, noise reduction, and higher dry-running speeds.


  • Extruded or machined
  • Very low coefficient of friction - promotes material flow
  • High-impact strength
  • Chemical resistant with minimal moisture absorption
  • FDA & USDA approved ingredients
  • Noise suppressant
  • Easy to machine – most general power tools are sufficient



  • Extended life of wear strip
  • Reduces surface scratching and damage
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Minimizes product pulsation on conveyors
  • Reduces noise



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