System Plast Nolu-S Neck Guides Solution

The customer has an air conveyor line that uses a folded stainless steel neck guide. The guide caused irregular tilt and orientation of the bottles, resulting in blockage in the curves and inclines. Also, increased air pressure was necessary in order to keep the bottles flowing at all times.

System Plast® Solution

The System Plast Nolu-SX Neck Guides eliminated the bottle jams and excessive downtime. At the same time, the air pressure was reduced by 50%.


Air Conveyor for Soft Drink Bottles

Solution Type

Reduced downtime, increased production efficiency, energy savings.


  • Product: soft drink bottles;
  • Packing: PET bottle;
  • Weight: 1.23 (oz./pc);
  • Speed: 656 (ft/min);
  • Capacity: 60,000 (pcs/hour);
  • Size: Ø 2 x 6 (in.);
  • Line position: air conveyor
  • Temperature: 68° F - 104° F
  • Special conditions: Empty bottles in air conveyor; no cleaning.

Key Customer needs and benefits

The Nolu-SX Neck Guides significantly reduced the coefficients of friction causing the bottle jams. Significant savings were made on power costs and the production efficiency was raised by as much as 75%. Also, the material used for NOLU-SX guides stopped any scratches being made on the bottles while allowing for faster production speeds.

System Plast® Nolu®-SX Neck Guides

Nolu-SX Neck Guides are used to guide containers, especially PET, in applications such as air conveying. Many air conveyor  users and manufacturers have found that brush guides tend to get contaminated with debris. This causes increased friction  and marking of PET bottles. Also the bristles can wear quickly and/or fall out. 

Nolu-SX neck guides are extruded with a proprietary material that blend of UHMW and other dry lubricants that maintain  excellent wear characteristics while significantly reducing coefficients of friction. Its unique self-lubricating properties make  it ideal for applications requiring reduced friction, noise reduction, and higher dry-running speeds. 

Nolu-SX neck guides also contain a material blend that reduces the thermal expansion characteristics of the material. The  thermal expansion is reduced up to 40% compared to standard UHMW products, making it the ideal neck guide.


  • Extruded or machined
  • Very low coefficient of friction - promotes material flow
  • High-impact strength
  • Chemical resistant with minimal moisture absorption 
  • FDA & USDA approved ingredients 
  • Noise suppressant


  • Extended life of wear strip
  • Reduces surface scratching and damage
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Minimizes product pulsation on conveyors
  • Reduces noise



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