System Plast Beadwall Solution

The horseshoe curve from the vision machine to the case packer runs 3 different size bottles that have a tendency to jam. The Plant was experiencing unscheduled downtime because of jams caused by the flimsy, unreliable adjustable rails throughout the conveyor

System Plast® Solution

Replace all of the current flimsy guide rails with Beadwall railing, utilizing factory-bent sections for the curves and transitions.


Food and Beverage

Solution Type

Improved Line Uptime

Key Customer need(s) and Benefits from System Plast Products

The bottle line would jam, causing unexpected downtime. Three different bottle sizes required change overs, which caused even more problems due to a flimsy adjustable rail system. The Beadwall system provides solid support and helps the product move down the line more efficiently.

Cost Savings Breakdown

Prior to Installation Downtime After Installation Downtime
606 mins/ month 18 mins/ month
Downtime Savings Per Year (606*12) - (18*12) = 7056 Minutes of Downtime Reduced

Co-Packer Avoidance Savings

7056/60 = 117 hours *

550 cases/hr = 64,350 cases *

$3/case co-packer charge = $193,050.00 Total Savings

System Plast Products: VG-682-SS-2 2” Stainless Steel Channeled Beadwall

Features and Benefits

  • Low friction guiding surface
  • Excellent for combiner or accumulation areas
  • High corrosion and wear resistance
  • Operating temperature range: -4°F to +170°F
  • Material:
    • Channel: 10 ga. stainless steel (.130")
    • Pin Rails: Polyamide
    • Pins: Stainless steel
    • Rollers: Acetal
  • Rigid stainless steel backing channel



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