System Plast 1873 Chain Food and Beverage Solution

A competitor’s stainless steel gripper chain was being used to elevate different sized glass bottles (round, square, reverse taper) to a high-level palletizer in the plant. This manufacturer operates nonstop, year-round, making it important to have a trouble-free operation and a well-designed gripper style chain to handle the variety of bottle shapes. The manufacturer was facing a high power consumption and wear on the wear strips. The competitor’s gripper was not meeting the customer’s expectations.

System Plast® Solution

The System Plast 1873 chain with GS1 style grippers made it happen. The product handling ability is excellent with the different bottles. Also, the power consumption was reduced by 60%. After 6 months of nonstop dry running, no noticeable wear was found. At the same time,  the noise level was reduced significantly.


Bottle elevator to palletizer

Solution Type

Increased Product Handling and Energy Savings  Reduced Noise Levels


  • Packing: empty glass bottles 
  • Weight: 5.29 (oz./pc) 
  • Capacity : 42,000 (bottles/hour) 
  • Speed: 213 (ft/min)  Size: Ø1.5 - Ø3 (in.) 
  • Line position: bottle elevator 
  • Lubrication: no lubrication 
  • Abrasives: glass particles 
  • Special conditions: different shaped jars and bottles; no cleaning

Key Customer needs and benefits

The 1873 side flexing gripper chains provide exceptional durability and extremely low noise levels resulting in optimum performance. The gripper pads are utilized for a wide range of applications due to their unique mechanical properties. They offer resistance to laceration,  abrasion, and other ambient influences.

System Plast® Chain with GS1 Style Grippers - 1873 Series

Features and Benefits

Gripper chains are mainly used for elevators, lowerators, rinsers, and washers for bottles, jars, cans, crates, and boxes. In the food and beverage industry, hygiene plays an important role. The use of chemicals for cleaning and sanitizing is increasing. This calls for chains that are suitable for applications with chemical washdowns. System Plast has developed a range of chemical resistant gripper chains, a full plastic version, and a snap-on-top-plate version.

  • Exceptional durability 
  • Optimum grip 
  • Extremely low noise level 
  • Design uses a knurled pin to secure gripper to chain-making it more secure than many competitor’s tab retention methods 
  • Gripper pads can be replaced if necessary 
  • Strong rubber pads with long wear life 
  • Able to handle chemical spills and washdowns



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