System Plast SpeedSet™ Brackets Solution

Customer has a filler line that conveys 5 different sized plastic bottles. They change bottle sizes at least 2 times per week. They currently use double rail guides with hand knobs. Each change-over takes an average of 4 hours and the dimensions would vary due to the process. They would spend an average of $104 per week for labor costs.

System Plast® Solution

SpeedSet brackets solve conveyor line change-over problems quickly. The benefit of SpeedSet brackets is preset conveyor guide rail adjustability that is fast and accurate without the need for tools. SpeedSet brackets are fast because a simple push on the end knob moves the rod, clamp, and guide rail. Within seconds, each rail holding point can be adjusted by inserting a spacer, saving valuable time on line change-overs. 


Filler line that conveys 5 different sized plastic bottles


Maintenance cost savings and downtime reduction

Key Customer Need(s) and Benefits From System Plast® Products

Since the customer has switched to SpeedSet brackets, it only takes 30 minutes to complete the change-overs. The new labor costs average only $13. That’s a weekly reduction of 87.5% cost for the average 2 change-overs.

System Plast® Product: Speedset Brackets

Features and Benefits

  • Fast, accurate conveyor line change-overs
  • Preset guide rail adjustability
  • Reduced down time
  • No need for tools
  • A simple push on the end knob moves the rod, clamp, and guide rail
  • Innovative positioning spacer design
  • Customized to individual product requirements, positioning spacers accurately hold the rod and guide rail in position
  • Tapped piston rod can accept a wide variety of Valu Guide® rail holders (double rail clamp shown)
  • The rod sleeve provides the reach to the largest conveyed container while the rod inside the sleeve adjusts to the smaller container
  • The spring maintains pressure which holds the positioning spacers and guide rail in place. When the positioning spacers are removed, the spring returns the guide rail to the “Home Position”
  • Valu Guide brackets are slotted to allow vertical height adjustment. The use of bracket spacers, swivel tops, and stacking rings allows virtually any conveyor line to take advantage of SpeedSet brackets
  • Other styles or configurations of SpeedSet brackets are available, contact Application Engineering for further details.




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