Low Back Pressure Belts Solution

Historically, shrink wrapped cases of PET bottles with a petaloid base have required a cardboard tray to improve their conveyability. The cardboard tray provided increased stability needed for the unique bottle shape. Many beverage producers are removing the cardboard in an effort to reduce packaging waste. This has created conveying challenges to properly support the product, convey without damaging the packaging, and allow for proper accumulation.

System Plast® Solution

We offer a unique ½” pitch LBP 2120 series of belts that provides more product support than other competitor models. The low back pressure (LBP) version also allows for product accumulation while continuing forward conveyance. The belt’s ½” pitch allows for small bead diameters and pitch between rollers, creating a smoother conveying surface. A ¾” diameter nose bar return can also be used which greatly reduces the head to tail transfer distance. This improves product stability and lessens the opportunity for packaging damage.



Solution Type

Improved shrink wrapped PET conveying, product damage reduction

Key Customer need(s) and Benefits from System Plast Products

The ½” pitch LBP 2120 series of belting provided the customer with the increased product support needed when cardboard trays were not used for their shrink wrapped PET bottles. This belt allows the customer the flexibility to run products with cardboard trays or without trays in an efficient manner and without the worry of damaging the PET bottles or their shrink wrapped packaging.


Product/Part Description

LFG2120LBP Series

System Plast Products: LFG2120LBP SERIES

Features and Benefits

  • The LBP design provides forward conveyance of products while also allowing for low line pressure accumulation.
  • Tight roller spacing eliminates gaps and provides optimum product stability.
  • Smaller module pitch allows for tighter end transfers than competitive products.
  • Premium rollers with improved retention offer improved life and wear properties to improve conveyor utilization.
  • Modular components give a wide flexibility in belting widths.
  • Part of a complete line of System Plast® specialty belting and chain products.




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