ModSort® Divert & Transfer Module


What if one integrated module could easily divert, transfer and sort multiple package types? The patented1 ModSort® Divert and Transfer Module can be added to an existing or new conveyor system and utilizes industry standard 24V connections to help ease installation in your application.

Regal knows this is an industry challenge and we have a solution!





Features & Benefits

  • Efficiently handle polybags – less damage, no gaps, no catching

  • Unlimited motion control, Energy Efficiency / Runs on Demand Technology

  • Quiet, safe, low maintenance, 24 volt

  • Local team to help you integrate into your package handling process


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What You Need To Know

What It Does:

  • Receives product

  • Passes product straight through

  • Diverts product left or right

  • Can be used to divert in two different modes:

    • Stop and divert full 90 degrees

    • Divert on the fly (blended vector angle)

How It Works:

System Plast® 2253RT belt (blue) used as a transfer belt to receive and pass product through or when the divert belt (black) is activated diverts packages left or right. Both belts are driven by industry standard MDR technology.

Modsort Image

Application Considerations:

  • Package rates of 35-50 per minute

  • Typical package sizes less than 30” x 30”

  • Weight of 50 lbs or less

  • Control Card options:

    • Networked ERSC:

      • Discrete program capability

      • Interfaces to PLC via Ethernet IP

      • Control two MDR’s per card

      • Change motor parameters on the fly

    • Non-Network EZ24:

      • Not programmable, wired inputs to PLC

      • Control of one MDR per card 

      • Cannot change motor parameters on the fly

Networked ERSCModsort Image
Non-Network EZ24Modsort Image

Dish Network Gains Efficiency with System Plast® Modsort Transfer and Divert Station.

Dish Network installs new System Plast Modsort Divert and Transfer Module with help from Advanced Equipment Company to streamline the operation, reduce manual hand scans and improve sortation accuracy. Overall, efficiency has improved by up to 25%.



ModSort Station Solves Transfer and Divert Problems

The ModSort station is a low-noise, low voltage modular transfer/diverter station. It can easily integrate with new or existing systems, eliminating the need for a lift, pneumatics, or Z-direction position feedback devices.


ModSort® Conveyor Module Product Range


                                                                                        ModSort® Module Sizes

 Item Description  Size

L  (in.)

 Overall Width
     OW  (in.)
Nominal Width
     B.F. (in.)
 Divert Zone
Length (in.)

 Take Away Width
TAW (in.)

 Effective Transfer Zone 
Length (in.)

MODSORT-30-16  1  30   16   16   21 16, 22   24
MODSORT-30-22  2  30   22   22   21 22   24
MODSORT-36-16  3  36   16   16   27 16, 22, 28   30
MODSORT-36-22  4  36   22   22   27  22, 28   30
MODSORT-36-28  5  36   28   28   27  28   30
MODSORT-42-22  6   42   22   22   33  22, 28, 34   34
MODSORT-42-28  7   42   28   28   33  28, 34   34
MODSORT-42-34  8   42   34   34   33  34   34

To Complete The Description Specify Type Of Control Card - For Example Modsort-ERSC-36-28 Control Card Options - ERSC (Networked Control) or EZ24 (Non-networked Control)





1 U.S. Patent Number: 10,532,894

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