Sealmaster<sup>®</sup> Forestry Skwezloc Solution

A forestry company was experiencing frequent bearing failures on their lathe tray rolls. The competitor’s bearings were failing every two weeks due to build-up of pine tar on the locking mechanism and pine tar ingress into the bearing, resulting in subsequent failure and loss of lock.

Sealmaster® Solution

Regal® proposed a Sealmaster® Next Generation Skwezloc® concentric lock bearing with felt labyrinth seal solution. The felt labyrinth seal provided improved sealing and the flinger helped keep the pine tar away from getting inside the bearing. The next generation Skwezloc concentric lock collar design with an innovative circumferential groove on the inner ring provided improved shaft grip on the slightly undersized worn shafting being used.


Forestry Products

Solution Type

Bearing Replacement Costs, Increased Uptime.

Product/Part Description


Key Customer Need(s) and Benefits from Sealmaster® Products

The Sealmaster® Next Generation Skwezloc® concentric lock bearing outlasted the competitor’s bearings by 8 months and counting! This solution resulted in saving the plant over $900,000 per year on bearing replacement costs!

Sealmaster Solution Saves Forestry Products Plants $900,000 Annually

Features and Benefits

  • Sealmaster® mounted ball bearing with Next Generation Skwezloc® concentric lock provides a variety of features:
    • Innovative circumferential groove on the inner ring bore that improves shaft grip and reduces raceway distortion for quieter smoother operation allowing for improved lock reliability
    • Larger cap screw and collar for improved clamping force to the shaft compared to competitive designs
    • Optimized chamfer profile that reduces stress concentrations when the collar is tightened
    • Designed for use on “commercial” T&P shafting**
    • Simple single screw installation; no axial movement during installation or risk of preloading the bearing
    • Patented design
  • Wide outer ring design provides increased grease capacity to lubricate the bearings.
  • Anti-rotation = pin and dimple system prevents the bearing OD from creep/rotation due to vibration over time while providing a full ±2” of static misalignment.
  • Direct lube = pin and dimple system provides a direct lubrication path into bearing, eliminating the need to channel grease around a lubrication groove common on standard mounted ball bearing units.
  • Felt labyrinth seal with rotating flinger helps direct contamination away from the sealing surfaces. Alternate seal options are available upon request; see Sealmaster Custom Select.
  • Black oxide standard on inner/outer rings and seal components helps inhibit corrosion.
  • Zone hardened inner race provides a fully hardened ball path while leaving the race extensions unhardened, allowing better setscrew holding power.
  • Length through bore is longer than most competitors for greater shaft stability.
  • Land-riding brass retainer has high strength, minimizes friction and provides grease circulation.
  • Precision manufactured, diamond faceted setscrews improve clamping and resist backing out.
  • Solid base, pillow block, cast iron housing provides improved stability and resistance to shock and vibration.
  • Permanent metal nameplate allows for easy identification after years of operation.
  • Factory-filled with lithium complex NLGI 2 grease.
**Maximum speed rating on commercial (T&P) shafting equal to setscrew locking; consult bearing catalog



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