Sealmaster® Food and Beverage Solution

A competitor’s mounted ball bearings were failing during the production season resulting in costly unplanned downtime. The customer was using a nickel-plated cast iron housing with thin dense chrome plated insert bearings. The dumping action from the hopper caused a high shock load and some housings would crack under the load. Then, the nickel would flake or peel off the cast iron and get into the processed corn. Additionally, some bearings would seize or lock up.

Sealmaster® Solution

After review of the application, we selected a Sealmaster PN Gold mounted ball bearing with a high strength passivated 316 stainless steel housing. The Sealmaster bearing’s stainless steel housing has superior strength to a nickel-plated cast iron and does not flake like nickel-plated cast iron. The high performance triple lip seal outperformed the competitive seal and the customer decided to use the Reduced Maintenance version to eliminate the cost of relubrication. After testing, the Sealmaster PN Gold mounted ball bearing lasted three seasons.


Frozen Vegetable Processing

Solution Type

Maintenance Cost Savings

Product/Part Description


Key Customer Need(s) and Benefits from Sealmaster® Products

The Sealmaster PN Gold bearings outlasted the competitor’s bearings on this specific application by at least two production seasons and without grease maintenance. This resulted in thousands of dollars in annual maintenance savings.

Reduced Maintenance PN Gold Bearings CRPS-PN23 RMW

PN Gold bearings feature a high phosphorus, electroless nickel coated steel insert and a patented, triple lip/multi-directional high performance seal. They are specially engineered for industries with corrosive washdown environments such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemical processing; the PN Gold mounted ball bearings provide outstanding performance in demanding corrosive environments.

Components Material

  • Housing: 316 Passivated Stainless Steel or High Strength Composite
  • Bearing Races: High Phosphorus Electroless Nickel Plated 52100 Steel
  • Balls: 440C Stainless Steel
  • Retainer: Unique Metal Land Riding Retainer
  • Seal: High Performance Seal (HPS)
  • Set Screws: 300 Stainless Steel
  • Grease Fitting: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Grease: Sealmaster® Food Grade Grease/li>

Features and Benefits

  • High Phosphorus Electroless Nickel Coated Steel Insert: Provides exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • High Performance Seal (HPS): Triple lip multi-directional sealing with excellent chemical resistance.
  • Wide Outer Race: Industry’s widest outer race, providing extra grease capacity.
  • Zone Hardened Inner Race: Setscrew area not heat treated, which helps promote locking reliability.
  • Unique Metal Land Riding Retainer: Corrosion resistant land riding design, having optimized pocket clearance to promote lubricant circulation around the rolling elements.
  • Lock Pin and Dimple System: Provides direct lubrication path, +/- 2° static misalignment and prevents outer race rotation.



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