Sealmaster® Cooling Tower Bearings Solution

Vertical shaft cooling tower fan applications can be problematic for bearings due to moisture condensation running down the shaft and collecting on top of the bearing. Typically bearing inserts are recessed within the casting where moisture can tend to pool and collect. Over time, the moisture may work past the seals and flow into the bearing cavity, which may cause poor lubrication conditions leading to wear and/or corrosion. Another issue with a bearing mounted in a vertical shaft orientation is grease slumping to the bottom and being prone to purge out. This may lead to low grease fill levels, which can impact lubrication within the bearing.

Sealmaster® Solution

Regal has several specialized Sealmaster® bearings designed for cooling tower applications. These bearings have a shield which is pressed onto the inner ring of the bearing to act as an umbrella. In order for this concept to work, special casting designs are used to prevent contact of the shield and casting (this shield will not fit on standard product).


Bearings mounted in a vertical shaft orientation in HVAC application.

Solution Type

Performance Efficiency

Design for Application

Key Customer needs and benefits

  • Lithium complex grease with improved water washout to most conventional grease
  • Wide outer ring for increased grease capacity
  • Lock pin and dimple to provide anti-rotation of bearing insert in housing and a direct lubrication path from the grease fitting into the bearing cavity

Sealmaster® Cooling Tower Bearings


  • Duty: Standard
  • Rolling Elements: Ball
  • Housing: Cast iron pillow block
  • Self Alignment: ±2 Degrees
  • Lock: Setscrew
  • Seal: Spring loaded contact (bottom side) and single-lip contact (top side)
  • Temperature: -20˚ F to 220˚ F


  • Rotating metal rain shield to deflect moisture
  • Spring loaded contact seal on bottom to better retain grease in bearing
  • Air handling housing fit allows the bearing to properly self-align
 Part ID Bore   A  CMin  CMax  D  G  J  K  Bolt Size  Comments
 S-2116-M15  15/16  1 7/16  5  3 13/16  4 3/16  1 1/4  3/8  2 13/16  1 13/32  13/16  3/8  Grease Fitting
 S-2116-M16  1  Grease Fitting
 S-3774-M16  1  No Grease Fitting
 S-4821-M16  1  PN Gold™ Insert
 S-2119-M18  1 1/8  1 11/16  6  4 7/16  4 13/16  1 3/8  7/16  3 3/8  1 9/16  7/8  1/2  Grease Fitting
 S-2119-M19  1 3/16  Grease Fitting
 S-2119-MB19  1 3/16  90° Grease Fitting

All dimensions are in inches. For made-to-order special options (minimums apply) and bearing housing styles/shaft sizes not listed here, please contact us.



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