RPB Bearing With Contact Seal Solution

An aggregate producer was plagued with downtime of competitor’s SAF 22517 bearings. These bearings failed in just three weeks due to contamination with abrasive slurry. Average bearing life: three weeks.

Sealmaster® Bearings Solution

The bearings were replaced with Sealmaster RPB bearings with contact seals, which allow for up to +/− 3 degrees of static shaft misalignment while maintaining seal integrity. The wet, abrasive contaminants were kept out of the bearing chamber.


Transfer conveyors for “wet fines.”


Cost savings through increased uptime, reduced maintenance and replacement costs.


RPB 207-C2 


Key Customer Need(s) and Benefits From Sealmaster® Products

After five weeks on the job, Sealmaster RPB bearings have handled this application well and shown no sign of issues. The RPB contact seal resists ingress from wet, abrasive contaminants much better than competitor’s labyrinth seal. Uptime for the conveyor significantly improved, saving the plant over $50,000 in maintenance labor and replacement part costs!

Sealmaster® Products: RPB 207-C2

Features and Benefits

  • Sealmaster® RPB series heavy duty tapered roller bearings designed for radial, thrust and combination loading are available with a wide variety of features:
    • Inch and metric bore size from 1 3/16” to 5” bore and 35 to 125 mm
    • Multiple housing styles (RPB- 2 and 4 bolt pillow block / RFB - 4 bolt flange, RFP - piloted flange)
    • Multiple locking styles (Double lock collar as standard, Single lock collar specify a -A, e.g., RPBA)
    • Multiple sealing options
    • Non-expansion and expansion
  • Unitized, replaceable cartridge insert allowing +/− 3 degrees static misalignment capability has factory controlled clearances and is factory lubricated.
  • Durable, cast iron, split housings allow quick insert replacement when change-out is needed while the housing base remains fixed and aligned with the shaft, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Anti-rotation pin helps prevent the bearing OD from creep/rotation due to vibration over time.
  • Direct lube and venting system:
    • Provides a direct lubrication path into the bearing
    • Secondary internal relief port helps prevent seal damage by venting pressure from over greasing
    • Grease fitting position at 30˚ resulting in less chance of being broken off.
  • Race mounted seals are not subject to misalignment distortion and direct contaminant away from the sealing surface available as:
    • Standard felt lined flinger seal, which acts as a filter to help exclude dry, dusty and dirty contaminants.
    • Contact seal available for wet, moist conditions (Suffix “C”, e.g., RPB-108 C).
    • Nomex®* lined flinger seals are available for high temperature applications up to 400°F (Suffix “N”, e.g., RPB-108 N).
  • Lock collars with two, diamond faceted point setscrews at 120° for balanced, three point contact.
  • Expansion roller bearing pillow blocks available for use when significant temperature differentials are expected between shafts and mounting structures or shaft is unusually long - specify ERPB.
  • Permanent metal nameplate allows for easy identification after years of operation.


*Nomex is believed to be the trademark and/or trade name of E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company and is not owned or controlled by Regal Beloit Corporation.





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