1943 - #2,419,691 Zone Hardening 


Zone Hardening is a unique heat treat process that hardens the inner race only where it is needed. The location is directly under the ball path itself. The zone hardened inner race provides improved lock reliability due to less distortion at the setscrew location. Additionally, improved thread conformity results in better clamping and resistance to setscrew back-out.


1945 - #2,441,294 Lock Pin and Dimple 


The locking pin and dimple system provides direct lubricant into the bearing cavity & ball path, instead of around a lubrication groove. It also prevents outer ring rotation and allows ±2° static misalignment of the bearing insert.


1945 - #2,525,622 Land Riding Retainer 


This unique land riding metal retainer design provides superior pocket clearance that allows for 360° oil circulation around the rolling elements. This results in better retained and utilized lubrication.


1988 - #4,728,202 Skwezloc Locking Collar


1985 - #4,537,519 Skwezloc Locking Collar


1961 - #3,276,828 Skwezloc Locking Collar


The Skwezloc is a concentric collar clamp design that results in near-perfect concentricity, maintaining near-perfect ball path roundness. At the same time, it reduces fretting corrosion and eliminates the shaft damage of setscrew locking. It also minimizes bearing-induced vibration for smoother, quieter operation.


1992 - #5,121,999 Paver Bearing Shield 


The black oxide shield is fixed to the extended inner ring. It is precision machined to run with a small clearance with the end cap. The shield resists asphalt erosion and helps protect the inner sealing elements.


2004 - #6,817,769 B2 HPS (High Performance Seal) 


High performance triple lip contact seal design helps provide multi-directional sealing to minimize contamination ingress and retain lubrication.


2007 - #7,272,618 B1 Smart Interchange 


Smart Interchange is an exclusive online tool that provides an intelligent interchange for competitive parts.

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