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Treat All Metals is a division of Regal Beloit® America Inc., devoted to the heat treatment of metals. The Strength of Technology and Service has been the commitment of Treat All Metals commitment since the company began in 1969. Driven by our focus on quality results and customer satisfaction, we have established the highest quality and most complete heat treating facility in the Midwest.


As technology advanced, so have our services and capabilities. We process from -120 degrees F to +2200 degrees F and product size up to nine feet. Every order is completed exactly to customer's specifications and with quality driven production control. Please see our capabilities chart for full information. 

Inside our 65,258 sq. ft facility, the Treat All Metals state of the art equipment provides the strongest combination available of technical talent, sophisticated processes and monitoring systems. From quench and temper to demanding, complex control of case depths and core hardness requirements, we meet and exceed our customers' needs and expectations. 

Our reputation is known for our quality, on-time delivery, and providing superior customer service picking up product and delivering it back to your doorstep. 


Our mission is to provide the highest quality heat treating facility in the industry. We offer our customers extensive capabilities and exceptional service.

As technologies change, Treat All Metals changes. We continue to offer the highest standard of quality control throughout the entire process. Our employees are committed to doing the job right the first time.

Our stringent quality controls exceed industry expectations. We pride ourselves in providing on-time heat treating from quench and temper to the demanding and complex control of case depths and core hardness requirements.

 Our team of employees provides customers with constant, accurate, quality driven and on time production control. To maintain this consistent high quality, we have combined the latest, most sophisticated equipment and equipment monitoring systems with the finest technical talent available. 

 After heat treatment, parts are inspected in our Quality Control Department where our Metallurgical Laboratory provides the most precise testing. By adhering to this proven policy, we assure our customers of consistent quality heat treatment.

Certification of heat treatment data is available as required. Metallurgical mounts are retained to ensure consistency of the process and parts.



The largest of our atmosphere-controlled integral quench furnaces is capable of handling 4,000-pound loads with lengths of 72 inches and diameters of 36 inches. Our pit furnaces are capable of processing material up to 72 inches in length and 60 inches in diameter.


Our continuous pusher has a throughput capability of 4,000 lbs. per hour at 36"x 36". We also have capabilities of solution annealing parts up to nine feet long and six feet wide. We also accommodate small fine detail work.

Case Hardening


  • Gas carburizing 
  • Carbonitriding 
  • Nitriding


  • Hot oil
  • Cold fast oil
  • Polymer
  • Hardening
  • Normalizing
  • Annealing

Extensive Capabilities

  • Die quenching
  • Straightening
  • Shot blasting
  • Stress relieving
  • Sub zero treatment
  • Solution annealing

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