GUIDEROL® Needle Bearings




Bearing Configurations
Separable or Non-separable Inner/Outer Raceway

Shaft Diameter Range
½" to 9¼" and 15mm to 235mm

Bearing Quality Steel




Machined Outer Race
Race manufactured from bearing quality steel and hardened to carry heavy dynamic and static loads.

Unique Center Guided Needle Rollers
Centered guided rollers are designed to fit a mating guide rail. They also allow for a maximum width of roller within the bearing.

Retaining Ring and Center Rail
Provides retention of needle rollers and helps guide rollers to prevent skewing.

Annular Lubrication Groove
The groove provides a circumferential path to direct lubricant to the oil hole when lubricating through the housing.

Factory Grease Fill

Sealed GUIDEROL® bearings are factory lubricated with a medium temperature (-30° to 250°F, -34° to 121C) NLGI 1 grease. Unsealed bearings are packaged with a light oil film as a rust preventative. Contact Application Engineering when application conditions require special lubricants.

The rubber lip seal is available in several different configurations. It is capable of operating at up to 250°F maximum temperature.

"DS" Matched Bearings - Load Sharing
Where two bearings are installed, load sharing should be encouraged when the distance between is less than the width of one bearing. To accomplish this, it is recommended that the bearings be diametrically matched. The option, when applicable, matches OD and ID tolerances. It also maintains diametrical clearance within 30% of the tolerance range and the radial runout within 20% of the tolerance range. The high point of runout is indicated on the bearing faces. For more information and matching factors please review the engineering section for matched bearings. Matched bearings packaged as sets.

Machined Inner Ring(MI)

The precision ground inner ring provides a hardened raceway for the rollers when used with an unhardened shaft. The ring contains an oil hole and annular groove relubrication of the bearing. It can be used with both CAGEROL® and GUIDEROL® bearings. It can also be utilized as a bushing in plain bearing applications.

Grease Options
When requested, standard bearings can be factory filled with customer specified lubricant.



McGill® GUIDEROL® machined race full complement needle bearings are manufactured from bearing quality steel. The unique roller and race design provides center-guided rolling elements for higher radial load capacity. It is also well-suited for oscillating applications. GUIDEROL bearings are constructed with a radial lubrication hole and a groove on the outer raceway. We also offer an optional inner raceway (MI-series) for re-lubrication through the housing or shaft. Other options include a variety of seal configurations to either help prevent contaminate entry or contain the lubricant. Depending on your preference, these bearings are available in a wide variety of sizes and options.


Additional Data

  Product Series
 Material/ Roller Complement
 Metric Equiv.
 Cagerol  MR  Bearing Steel Caged Needle Roller
 5/8"-9 1/4"
 16 - 235
 MR Sealed
 Bearing Steel Caged Needle Roller  5/8"-4 1/4"  16 - 108
 MR Narrow
 Bearing Steel Caged Needle Roller  5/8"-6 1/2"  16 - 165
 Guiderol  GR  Bearing Steel Full Complement Center Guided Needle Roller  1/2"-9 1/4"  13 - 235
 GR Sealed
 Bearing Steel Full Complement Center Guided Needle Roller  5/8"-4 1/4"  16 - 108
 GR Narrow  Bearing Steel Full Complement Center Guided Needle Roller  5/8"-6 1/2"  16 - 165
 Multi-Rol  RS  Bearing Steel Full Complement Needle
 3/4"-3"  19 - 76
 RD  Bearing Steel Full Complement Needle  1 1/4"-4"  32 - 102
 Journal  200 Series
 Bearing Steel Caged Roller  1 3/6"- 8 5/8"
 30 - 220
 300 Series  Bearing Steel Caged Roller  1"-5 3/16"
 25 - 130


Metric Dimensions are for reference only. Listed needle roller bearings are manufactured to inch dimensions.


Limited Radial Space
 Dynamic Load Rating
 Static Load Rating
 Oscillating Capability
 High Speed
 Relative Base Cost
 Separable Inner Race
Double Row
Oil Holes
 Rubber Lip Seal
 Metallic Shield
 DS Matching
 Separable Outer
 Best  Best  Good  Good  Best  $  Optional  -  Standard  -  -  Optional  -
 Best  Great  Poor  Good  Poor  $  Optional  -  Standard  Standard  -  Optional  -
 Best  Great  Poor  Good  Best  $  Optional  -  Standard  -  -  Optional  -
 Best  Great  Great  Best  Good  $$$  Optional  -  Standard  -  -  Optional  -
 Best  Good  Good  Best  Not Recommended
 $$$  Optional  -  Standard  Standard  -  Optional  -
 Best  Good  Good  Best  Good  $$$  Optional  -  Standard  -  -  Optional  -
 Best  Great  Great  Best  Good  $$  -  -  Standard  -  Standard  Optional  -
 Best  Great  Best  Best  Good  $$  -  Standard  Standard  -  Standard  Optional  -
 Good  Great  Great  Good  Good  $$$  Optional  -  Standard  -  -  -  Standard
 Good  Great  Great  Good  Good  $$$  Optional  -  Standard  -  -  -  Standard

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