McGill<sup>®</sup> CRES<sup>™</sup>CAMROL<sup>®</sup> Fish Processer Solution

A fish processing plant uses equipment specifically designed to remove viscera and roe. The standard cam followers installed within the machines are exposed to highly corrosive conditions. Consequently, standard cam followers corrode and seize, resulting in damage to the cam in which they ride. The cost incurred to replace the entire cam is prohibitively more expensive than simply replacing the cam follower, and machine downtime creates significant production inefficiencies for the plant.

McGILL® Cam Roller Solution

To help reduce these significant replacement costs, Regal recommended the dimensionally interchangeable McGill CRESTM  CAMROL® line, which is designed with 440C stainless steel to help resist corrosive environments. The Lubri-Disc®+ seal also provides significant protection against wash downs, more than 5 times.


Food and beverage processing

Solution Type

Maintenance cost savings and improved corrosion resistance

Product/Part Description

CCF 1 1/4 SB CR

Key Customer Need(s) and Benefits

The customer was incurring sizable costs to maintain and repair its machines with standard cam followers that seized due to the corrosive environment. Regal’s stainless steel CRES CAMROL product has been designed to operate in these taxing conditions, improving machine reliability and extending operating life compared to standard cam followers. 

Fish Processing Equipment


In addition to the standard McGill® CAMROL cam follower bearing features, CRES CAMROL cam followers utilize stainless steel materials, H1 food grade grease, and LUBRI-DISC®+ seals. This special seal design incorporates a lip-wiping seal feature to help prolong bearing life in a variety of corrosive environments. The Lubri-Disc + seal is used on bearings with a 1” OD and larger. Smaller sizes use Regal’s standard Lubri-Disc seal.


• Bearing Races - 440C Stainless Steel
• Needles - 440C Stainless Steel
• Seal - LUBRI-DISC + Seal

Features and Benefits

• 440C Stainless Steel - More corrosion resistant than common bearing steel.

• Zone Hardened Raceway - Provides a hardened raceway for load capacity and stem ductility for absorbing shock loads.

• LUBRI-DISC + Seal - Improved contamination resistance and lubrication retention.

• H1 Food Grade Grease - Provides corrosion resistance and highly resistant to water wash out.



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