CAGEROL® Needle Bearings



CAGEROL® machined race needle bearings are manufactured from bearing quality steel with contoured rollers, when beneficial. This helps reduce end stresses and allows for greater misalignment. The rollers are separated by a steel retainer (cage) to help achieve higher speeds and provide a lubricant reservoir. CAGEROL bearings are constructed with a radial lubrication hole and a groove on the outer raceway. We also offer an optional inner raceway (MI-series) for relubrication through the housing or shaft.

Other options include a variety of seal configurations to either help prevent contaminate entry or contain the lubricant. Depending on your preference, these bearings are available in a wide variety of sizes and options.


Machined Outer Race

Race manufactured from bearing quality steel and hardened to carry heavy dynamic and static loads.

Needle Rollers with End Relief (Most Sizes)

Precision Needle Rollers provide high radial load capabilities in small radial envelope dimension. End relief features help reduce raceway stress when shaft misalignment occurs.


Steel Cage

Welded construction minimizes roller radial play for ease of assembly and provides roller guidance helping to reduce friction. The spacing provided by the retainer contributes to the high speed capabilities and lubricant reservoir within the bearing envelope.


Annular Lubrication Groove

The groove provides a circumferential path to direct lubricant to the hole when lubricating through the housing.


Factory Grease Fill

Sealed CAGEROL bearings are factory lubricated with a medium temperature (-30° to 250°F, -34° to 121C) NLGI 1 grease. Unsealed bearings are packaged with a light oil film as a rust preventative. Contact Application Engineering when application conditions require special lubricants.



The rubber lip seal is capable of 250°F maximum temperature and is available in several different configurations.


"DS" Matched Bearings - Load Sharing

Where two bearings are installed, load sharing should be encouraged when the distance between is less than the width of one bearing. To accomplish this, it is recommended that the bearings be diametrically matched. The option, when applicable, matches OD and ID tolerances. It also maintains diametrical clearance within 30% of the tolerance range and the radial runout within 20% of the tolerance range. The high point of runout is indicated on the bearing faces. For more information and matching factors please review the engineering section for matched bearings. Matched bearings packaged as sets.


Machined Inner Ring(MI)

Precision ground inner ring provides a hardened raceway for the rollers when used with an unhardened shaft. The ring contains an oil hole and annular groove relubrication of the bearing. It can be used with both CAGEROL and GUIDEROL® bearings. It can also be utilized as a bushing in plain bearing applications.


Grease Options

When requested, standard bearings can be factory filled with customer specified lubricant.



Bearing Configurations

Separable or Non-separable Inner/Outer Raceway.


Shaft Diameter Range

½" to 9¼" and 15mm to 235mm.


Bearing Quality Steel.








Black Oxide Finish Bearing Steel

 Product Series Size Range Inch  Size Range Metric 
 CF  1/2-10  
 CYR  3/4-10  
 CFH  1/2-7  
 BCF  1/2-4  
 BCYR  3/4-4  
 MCF    16-90
 MCFR    13-90
 MCYR    5-50
 MCYRR    5-50



Black Oxide Finish Bearing Steel

 CFD  1 1/4-6  
 CYRD  1 1/4-6  
 MCFD    35-80
 MCYRD    15-110



Design Characteristics Features 
Radial Load  Thrust Load  Precision  High Speed  Relative Base Cost  Crowned OD  Eccentric Load   Lubrication Holes Seal   Hex Hole Slotted Face   Jam Nuts
 Great  Not Recommended  Great  Fair  $  Optional  Optional  Standard  Optional  Optional  Standard  -
 Best  Not Recommended  Great  Fair  $  Optional  -  Standard  Optional  -  -  -
 Best  Not Recommended  Great  Fair  $$  Optional  -  Standard  Optional  Optional  Standard  -
 Poor  Not Recommended  Good  Poor  $  Optional  Optional  Standard  Optional  Optional  Standard  -
 Poor  Not Recommended  Good  Poor  $  Optional  -  Standard  Optional  -  -  -
 Great  Not Recommended  Great  Fair  $  Standard  Optional  Standard  Optional  Optional  Standard  Standard
 Good  Not Recommended  Great  Good  $  Standard  Optional  Standard  Optional  Optional  Standard  Standard
 Best  Not Recommended  Great  Fair  $  Standard  -  Standard  Optional  Optional  -  Standard
 Great  Not Recommended  Great  Good  $  Standard  -  Standard  Optional  -  -  Standard
 Great  Poor  Great  Fair  $$  Optional  Optional  Optional  Standard  Standard  -  -
 Best  Poor  Great  Fair  $$  Optional  -  Optional  Standard  -  -  -
 Best  Poor  Great  Fair  $$  Standard  Optional  Standard  -  Optional  Standard  Standard
 Best  Poor  Great  Fair  $$  Standard  -  Standard  -  -  -  -

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