Power Block

Power Block


Marathon® Special Products has been an industry leader for supplying power blocks in North America since 1955.


We’ve achieved this by providing one of the broadest line offerings with various sizes, terminal styles, electrical ratings and features.


Our power block offerings are sure to meet your needs.


  Product Line


Splicer & Distribution - Open Style


60 - 2280 Amps, up to 600 Volts. Splicer power blocks provide the same number of wire inputs as outputs, and distribution power blocks provide multiple load outputs per each incoming wire.


Splicer & Distribution - Enclosed (EPB)

115 - 760 Amps, up to 600 Volts. This series consists of an enclosed, modular single pole design that provides touch proof protection for splicer and distribution connector styles.



Bulk Fastening (BFPB)


The BFPB Series is a single pole design that consists of a series of stud fasteners to allow you to terminate various combinations of crimp lugs or flexible bus bar with one configuration. The series is ideal for use with flexible stranded wire terminations or large and abnormal wiring combinations.



1500 Volt Rated (HVPB)


This series provides voltage ratings up to 1500 volts and consists of a modular single pole design for splicer, distribution and studded connector styles.

350 to 1500 Amps.



Stud Configurations

115 to 1680 Amps, 600 Volts. These power blocks provide studs, or a combination of bare wire terminals with the stud, to terminate crimp lugs or bus bar to our power blocks to splice or distribute power.



Miscellaneous Configurations

115 - 200 Amps, 600 Volts. These power blocks provide tapped holes or quick-connects in addition to bare wire terminals to splice or distribute power.


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