Fuse Holders


Marathon® Special Products provides many NEMA/barrier style fuse holders with different terminal options for the majority of North American fuses and several enclosed (European/IEC) styles.


  Product Line Styles  Amp / Volt Range Withstand / SCCR

CC Class


For branch and small motor 
protection where high 
current limitation is required.






 30-60 A 
 600 V




Fused Disconnect Switch


For CC fusing; the Fused Disconnect 
Switch incorporates the switch 
functionality of a circuit breaker with 
the high protection level of a fuse.


30 A 
600 V 

General Purpose (Semi-conductor)


Recognized fuse holders for 
semi-conductor, L Class or others 
with variable geometry and 
include bolt down mounting profiles.


100-1200 A 
1000 V 

H Class


For protection where frequent outages 
are common and low levels of available 
fault current are available. 


 30-600 A 
250-600 V 

J Class


For maximum protection of motors, 
controllers or panels


30-600 A 
250-600 V 

L Class


For circuits with higher ampacity ranges 
than J Class, but maintain the high 
performance characteristics.


Open  200-800 A 
600 V 

Midget (10x38)


Supplemental fuses similar to 
the size of a CC, used in more 
general applications where current 
limitation requirements are lower.


30-60 A 
600 V 



Designed for bus bar termination. 
Uniquely designed with terminals 
to accept standard stock bus bar 
eliminating the need for custom 
fabricated bus bar.


Enclosed  Up to 30 A 
1000 V 

R Class


For higher levels of protection at the same 
size of the H Class, where higher levels of 
fault current potential exists. 


 Open 30-600 A 
250-600 V 

T Class


For a high degree of protection 
and half to a third the size of 
R Class fuses. 


Open  30-600 A 
300-600 V 

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