Motor Date Codes


 Date Code Information for Marathon Motors

Motors will have the date code preceding the model number. The first letter or number of the prefix indicates the year, and the last letter of the prefix indicates the month of manufacture. When the prefix consists of only two letters or one number and one letter, no inherent overheating protection is incorporated in the motor.

Example: 1C48S17D2056BP

1 = Year (1994)
C = Month (March)

When inherent overheating protection is provided in the motor, an additional letter is inserted between the two dates indicated with letters or number and letter. This middle letter indicates the type of protector.

Example: 8QE48A11O787NP

8 = Year (2001)
Q = Automatic Protector
E = Month (May)

Date Code Chart

See Date Code Chart Document (PDF format).

Letter Code Protector Type Chart

Letter Protector Type UL Recognized Motor & Protector Combination UL Recognized Motor Construction Only
Q Automatic Yes Yes
P Manual Yes Yes
S Automatic No No
U Automatic No Yes
V None No Yes
W Automatic ** Yes
X Manual No No
Z Manual No Yes

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