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TerraMAX® is the global IEC low voltage motor platform, which has been engineered to deliver best in class performance, efficiency and product reliability with its premium features suited to meet toughest applications in the industry. The TerraMAX® motor platform has been designed for global customers, offering them a wide array of motors suited for different voltages, frequency and efficiency ranging available from IE2 to IE4. With low weight design, these equipments are predetermined for OEM’s to assemble into pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors and other applications . All these motors have common design & architecture to ensure maximum flexibility and minimum associated costs when mounted or installed. Additional accessories like space heaters, encoders, canopy etc., can be easily integrated as per requirement.


TerraMax® QCA Series Motors

The TerraMAX® QCA series motors are IE4 efficient totally enclosed fan cooled cast-iron motors built on the TerraMAX low voltage platform. QCA Series motors possess premium features for general industry purpose complying to market standards on motor performance and dimensions. It has robust construction with careful design, accurate machining which endeavors great variety of industry application offering merit efficiency in the market.


TerraMax® SCA Series Motors

TerraMAX® SCA Series motors are IE2 Efficient Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Cast Iron motors built on the TerraMAX Low Voltage platform. SCA Series motors inherit premium features of the futuristic TerraMAX motor platform family. The rugged construction of SCA motors endeavors to meet all the general industry requirement for every tough and demanding applications.


TerraMax® TCA Series Motors

TerraMAX® TCA series motors, built on the global low voltage TerraMAX platform, are IE3 efficiency totally enclosed fan cooled motors suitable for general industry applications. The TCA series motors inherit the premium features of futuristic TerraMAX motor platform, while delivering energy savings for the industry. The rugged construction of the TCA series motors meets the industry requirement for all tough and demanding applications.


TerraMAX® TCM Series Motors

TerraMax® TCM Series is low voltage motor product series designed to meet the demands of mining applications while delivering IE3 Premium efficiency in the true sense of the word. The mining motor inherits the commitment of performance, quality and long lasting reliability of the global TerraMAX platform and at the same time presents a tough and robust feature set to cater to the demanding application requirements of the mining industry


TerraMAX® TCS Series Motors

TerraMax® TCS Motors are built on the global low voltage platform, are IE3 energy efficient built for fans to provide ventilation in normal working conditions and smoke extraction in case of fire mishaps. These motors meet industry requirement for such demanding applications. These motors work perfectly designed to protect equipment's and minimize the thermal stress of components.


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